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What to do on vacation: The plan is Ubari

Don’t know what to do on vacation? The plan is Ubari. Vacations are coming and we are already preparing to give you a memorable experience with the tribe of the sun. 

If your goal is to disconnect from the routine and enjoy moments full of fun and entertainment, this is the place! Make the plan with your friends or partner and come and enjoy a sunny day less than an hour away from Medellin. 


The fun awaits you!

Meeting point

Get your suntan lotion ready and take advantage of the sun shining in our oasis! The pool is the meeting point for fun and freshness. Whether you prefer swimming or just sunbathing, this is the place to be. Sit back, grab a refreshing drink and share a laugh with your companions.


A toast to fun 

It’s hot, you need a cocktail! Nothing better than enjoying our delicious and refreshing cocktails or pitchers of sangria while you live life!

Our wide variety of cocktails allow us to please different palates, for example if you like minty drinks you should try Elixir Tropical a cocktail where the flavors of herbal liqueurs stand out with lychee, a minty touch provided by the mint and acid notes that contrast and balance its flavor or if you prefer a more tropical drink we recommend you to try a delicious Hippie Juice, the combination of Vodka, coconut, citrus and refreshing fruits that will transport you to the Caribbean. 


Gastronomy to share

At Ubari, food is an experience in itself. Many of our dishes are designed to share and try a little bit of everything, for example our Ubari Tacos, pizzas or the delicious Mini burgers, we love the encounters between friends and couples. Come enjoy and pamper yourself under the sun.

No more wondering what to do on vacation? The plan is in Ubari, where natural beauty merges with luxury, comfort and fun, and we assure you beautiful pictures in our spots. We are a combination of sun, pool, good food and exceptional drinks.


Are you ready? Reserve your spot and come and enjoy.